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We are proud to have earned the trust of great brands with our simple, intuitive tried &
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JOSyS – Customer Service Management


Pending Certification from various ERP developers


Middle East & North Africa (English & Arabic)


JOSyS is the first fully-developed customer service management package from Qatar and the Middle East dedicated to the aftersales industry. Since JOSyS fully integrates with the most popular ERP’s, providing true accountability from a central point, company employees and customers alike can login and check-in their machines and track their equipment status on the Internet, mobile or by SMS text messaging!


See how Makita Power Tools & Accessories took advantage of JOSyS capabilities to enhance its customer service and increasing control and productivity.

Makita in Qatar





Available in English & Arabic
Customizable and incremental work order numbers
Offer specific services and speeds and prices to different level of customer Customer contact shared with CRM

CRM connectivity enables loyalty program creation

Preset equipment brand, models to avoid costly typos and erroneous entries

Fully Scalable, whether your business handles 10 or 1,000 units daily

Integrate with other manufacturer’s software

In use for the world’s most renown brands

Fully integrated with the most popular ERP’s


 Executive reports

 Make quotations and invoicing directly through JOSyS

Track return-jobs for quality control

Track technician and team performances

Provides full traceability of the units along the service cycle

Live machine summary reports over any extended period of time

“No parts” reports for closer follow up

Track & notify

Track frequently repaired equipment units to report to manufacturer

Track repair periods for evaluating and enhancing performance

Customizable SMS notification*

Enables tracking over the Internet, intranet and on mobile

* may require SMS gateway and depends on country availability


“JOSyS has proven its excellence by providing instant updates to our customers at a glance, I highly recommend JOSyS to any service center.”
Fady Farag, Aftersales Manager

“The added-value of JOSyS enables our customers to track their machines directly from our website… It’s that easy!”
Marianito Salvosa, Service Manager

“Much awaited JOSyS capabilities and its qualified team, brought a new era to our aftersales center – Experience it.”
Amit Sinha, Customer Relationship Manager

JOSyS is developed and is a trademark of Exoda Technology Solutions LLC.

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