Can you manage your business better?

Auto Soft will reduce the operating costs, increase efficiency and value to your business.

What are the key areas that make a bodyshop successful?

The effective control and management of labour, parts and paint are the key areas of a successful bodyshop Auto Soft maximises proft by helping you manage the key areas of your business.

Do you know where your bodyshop ranks in amongst top performers?

Bodyshops ranking in the top 25% for profitability know and effectively manage the three key
areas of their business. We will give you solutions to capture and manage key information to give your
business the edge required to compete effectively.

Why do Bodyshops need our System?

We can provide you with a great system, highly efficient processes and industry specific knowledge to help successfully manage your business. We provide total bodyshop and workshop solutions.

Accurate timely invoices sent via email or printed
Management Reporting
KPI reporting to easily manage the business
Claim Management
Claims handled accurately significantly reducing queries
Waiting Area
Manage and provide excellent customer care
Parts Receivals
Managing your parts receivals with ease
Controlling your parts orders, returns, credit notes with ease
Reduce accounting costs by interfacing with Auto Soft
Parts Returns
Tracking all your credit notes


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