Ideal for pool (shared-usage/multi-purpose) vehicles: pickups, trucks, …

Live Satellite Tracking | Web-based application | Instant Alert Messages | Phone compatibility

Do you have complete control over your vehicles?
Do you know where your vehicles are right now, and how they are used at the moment?
Do you know the speed of your vehicles now?
Do you know where your vehicles have been on any day/time?
Do you know where your teens are/have been?
How much of time is wasted in directing a vehicle to the nearest point of interest?
Do you know that you can control fuel expenses?
Do you have a full control on the foreign employment?
Do you want to protect elderly people, kids or business-men and employees?
Do you want to protect and track your pets?

VTS from Exoda increases productivity, reduces costs and ultimately impacts your bottom line


What is Vehicle Tracking?


Vehicle tracking technology is one of a range of services made possible by GPS (global positioning system) satellite signals. Using the same technology that makes satellite navigation possible, the location of vehicles (cars, pickups, trucks,…) that are fitted with a tracker device can be pinpointed anywhere on the planet at the touch of a button (track online & on mobile), allowing owners to keep tabs on their vehicles at all times.

Trackers Offer Owners Peace of Mind: Installing a tracker can be a useful move for private and business vehicle operators. Once the tracker is in place, owners will be able to locate their vehicle at any given moment, making it easy to chart a vehicle’s movements for reasons of control, correct usage of vehicles, fair appraisals and hence savings.

The key: GPS Tracker

GWTrack is a precision GPS tracker powered by GSM/GPRS data connectivity to track assets real-time from your computer, mobile or over call.
GWTrack is extremely easy to install on the vehicle and coupled with FleetCheck, the state of the art Fleet Management Software Solution, it integrates with the existing ERP systems in any organization in no time.

What is the result?


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