Managing IT is possibly the most time consuming. However, it is easy to outsource when you have partners like Exoda.

Business services and solutions available through a private, public or hybrid network give Exoda clients access to a robust selection of instantly scalable applications without the high cost of ownership.



Completely customizable for your business needs, with any part of your infrastructure hosted as dedicated. This allows others to be shared, so you can find the right choice with regards to security and affordability.



With Exoda, you get instant provisioning to scale your infrastructure anytime. We provide access to a one click self-provisioning portal, which allows you to scale up and down, at any given point of time.



Get access to the most robust and secure system. Choose from over various layers of security. This ensures Data Protection, and fulfills all important compliance. This allows for considerable savings for your business.


Total Ownership

Exoda takes infrastructure ownership, so you don’t have to worry about hiring experts to maintain the system. Our penalty backed single SLA policy promises 99.995% application up-time.

Exoda’s pay-per-use model with fixed monthly costs for cloud services helps clients align their IT budgets with their application usage.

Benefits of using Exoda:

  • Simple and easy to maintain
  • Hassle-free data migration
  • Go online at lightning speed
  • No minimum contract period.
  • World-class local data centers
  • Industry-best standard


With a concrete understanding on SaaS integration and the complexities involved, we develop scalable SaaS-model web applications using service oriented architecture. We help you integrate your internal applications or vendor or client (B2B) applications with cloud. SaaS = Software as a Service.


We offer comprehensive cloud integration for IaaS with proven expertise in hosting applications in Amazon, Rackspace Clouds, Data Storage, Content Delivery Network implementation and Media Streaming. IaaS = Infrastructure as a Service.

Public cloud hosting has never been more easy and cost effective before! Exoda brings you the latest technology and security, so your cloud server gives you everything that you have ever wanted.

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