Cloud Computing is a network of remote servers hosted in either your own data center or by a specialized service provider data center such as those provided by Exoda’s solid partners. Unlike many misunderstandings, cloud does not necessarily mean that you MUST handover control of your data and applications to a third party, not at all actually. A Private cloud based IT infrastructure can very well be built for your own organization and be completely under your control.

  • Scalability – Manage peak time traffic with instant scalability.
  • Customization – Completely customizable, choose storage, computing and processing capacities separately.
  • Capex to Opex – Eliminate the need for your business to make enormous capital investments in anticipation of business growth.
  • Migration at Ease – Help with seamless data migration and integration with existing IT systems.
  • Single SLA – Single SLA policy for ease of management and transparent cost saving calculations.

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So why should you even consider moving to ‘the cloud’?

The answer is fairly simple : The cloud allows businesses to achieve high levels of scalability, data protection, cost efficiency and ease of management as compared to traditional on-premise systems.

Whether you only wish to run certain application services such as email from the cloud or wish to deploy a complete cloud based infrastructure, Exoda can help understand your business computing needs and then design & deploy a robust cloud compute solution that is designed to grow with your business.

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