“Working with Exoda was great! I had the chance to work with some of the best people in the industry of IT here in Qatar. It is really great to work with them because they actually know what they are doing and they are not hesitant to answer you even on the slightest detail. I remember one time during our project, because of the urgency of the matter, the team designed a Network Infrastructure Configuration inside a car, it was actually inside a car, and the configuration was perfect.
I was really amazed that time and that shows you how dedicated and knowledge-able the team is. They can build something out of nothing! So hats off to Exoda, it was a great and very educational experience with them.”

Mohamad Ahmad Hakim, IT Manager


“Thank you for your testimonial, it was excellent & added a lot.”
Celia Croize, Marketing Manager


“Since we start dealing with Exoda we were provided with excellent service from your Sales team who always go the extra miles to make sure we get what we are looking for and that the materials arrive on time Even the Follow-up after the delivery or the imple-mentation of the project to make sure all is ok and I truly appreciate it. I am highly pleased with the professional manner in which all our requests are handled.”
Jojit Crisostomo, IT Coordinator


“Despite of our intercompany relationship, it is exactly such service over & above our expectations that sets you apart from other vendors and validates our decision to choose Exoda.”
Nidal Al Khouli, CFO


“A very professional team.”
Abraham Mammen, Regional Sales Manager


“Exoda was the right choice to make. Product quality, deliverables, maintenance and friendly services made our operation much easier.”
Yasser Malakani, Operations Manager


“I am working as Electrical Manager with Pentagram Design, handling VIP projects and I have used Exoda for all my projects because of their fast SUPPORT and very good competitive solutions in ICT, great team & management!”
Bacem El Ters, Electrical Manager