Enterprise security & data protection Protect your enterprise with a secure foundation—from gateway to endpoint Complete end-user protection from threats and data loss—from gateway to mobile devices Over time, many enterprises have deployed various point products from multiple security vendors resulting in management complexity, compatibility problems, and gaps in security that could result in data breaches. To decrease risk, costs, and management complexity, enterprises need integrated security solutions with central management for network-wide visibility and control of threats and data. Trend Micro™ Enterprise Security and Data Protection is an integrated suite of products that secure your network from gateway to mobile devices for complete end user protection. With adaptive threat and data security, you can help prevent data breaches by deploying protection wherever end users access sensitive data. With centralized management, you can decrease costs and complexity while gaining enterprise-wide visibility. Powered by Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ cloud based security, this comprehensive suite blocks threats by leveraging global threat intelligence. Its cloud-based reputation services reduce the client footprint on endpoints for faster performance. This comprehensive suite includes Trend Micro™ Enterprise Data Protection to help mitigate the risks of attacks and data breaches across end user platforms, from smartphones to tablets, laptops to removable drives.

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